Wholesale business


We will customize hats for your business!

The Process:

  1. Either send us or logo, or an idea and we can draw one for you. (no cost)
  2. We then digitize the image (process of transferring a pixelated image into threads in order to be embroidered). After an image is digitized you own that image and can print the image onto as many hats necessary. One time charge of $25.
  3. We provide links/catalogs to the top hat brands on the market. After making your selection and determining the amount of hats you receive the same discount as us on your order. (Hat costs range from $1-$5 per hat)
  4. We then embroider your logo onto your hats. Costs depends on stitch counts. We recommend under 5,000 stitches which is a perfect sized logo and costs $5. 
  5. Sample Quote for 25 hats: 25 x $3 per hats. 25 x $5 embroidery. + $25 digitization. Total $200 or approx. $9 per hat. 
  6. In approx. 2 weeks you will have a quality stitched hat with your logo for your business for approx. $9 per hat!

Whether your a business, would like to create your own hat line, or just have the perfect idea for a hat you need to have: You've come to the right place!

Small businesses, athletics teams, fraternities, religious groups, hat collectors, etc. we are proud to be your partner to create the ideal hat for whatever the occasion calls for.

Hit us up so you can see the hat you wish to see in the world! 



  • Call / Text MSold at Dandi Lyons. 2119 Main St. Tewksbury MA, 01876r. yeah guy: (978) 886-9287
  • Send us an e-mail that hopefully we'll notice: YeahGuyHats@gmail.com